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Antique Restoration in Houston, TX

About Us

We Restore People's Memories and Keepsakes

Trust River Oaks Glass Design and Repair for the best antique restoration in Houston, TX. We have two rules. Nobody throws anything out until they talk to us. We applaud ambition but charge to undo it.

Established in 1973, our glass restoration company is confident that we're up to the challenge of almost any repair. Our team has the reputation of being able to fix items that others can't. We're happy to help repair items made of crystal, ceramic, porcelain, stone, jade, ivory, and beveled glass.

People never seem to break a fragile item they bought at Target®. It seems as if we always save our breaks for the most valuable, sentimental, luxury pieces. From a Cub Scout cookie jar made for mom to a piece from the Ming dynasty worth 10s of thousands, we are here to fix things no one else can.

Think of us like we are plastic surgeons. We'll perform transplants and face lifts on all your high-quality materials, and handle all the tough jobs. From replacing a single piece to reworking an entire project, we are the solution to your problem.