We Can Replace Missing Pieces

Professional Glass and Crystal Repairs in Houston, TX

Whether you have a broken glass antique or damaged crystal heirloom, River Oaks Glass Design & Repair is here to help. We provide porcelain, glass, and crystal repairs in Houston, TX, to restore your broken pieces to their original look and luster. We can also restore stained glass pieces to their previous condition. Contact us to learn about our glass repair services and to have our team fix your broken pieces.

Chandelier Arm Repair - Houston, TX

Work Completed In-House

When you bring your broken antique or heirloom to us, our expert staff will assess the damage and give you an estimate on the cost of repairs. We will then fix your piece in-house without the use of subcontractors or outsourcing to ensure the quality of the work and that you are completely satisfied with your antique restoration. Some of the materials we regularly work on in our shop include:

• Crystal
• Ceramic
• Porcelain
• Jade
• Ivory
• Stone
• Beveled Glass

Creating New Components

When restoring your piece, we will craft any components that are needed to complete the project. From creating missing shards of a stained-glass window to making glass hands for a statue, we have the skills required to complete your antique restoration. Additionally, we offer design services to create whole new pieces for you to enjoy.