We Can Replace Missing Pieces

Professional Glass and Crystal Repairs in Houston, TX

Glass and crystal are timeless materials that can be molded into beautiful art, jewelry, pottery, and many other unique creations. However, it is a more delicate material that could easily break at the slightest bump into a hard surface. If you need glass or crystal repairs in Houston, TX, River Oaks Glass Design & Repair is the place to go. We have a team of experienced and skilled glassworkers that know how to restore all kinds of glass so that you can enjoy the whole shine of your glass accessories once more.

Chandelier Arm Repair - Houston, TX

When we restore broken glass, we’ll craft any missing shards or pieces to ensure any fractured item is complete. Both commercial and residential customers rely on our extensive services to take care of their crystal and glass pieces because we have the tools and equipment to handle generic glass and stained glass restoration and antique restoration.

Why should you restore and repair your glass components? Glass gives off a luxurious and classic look that enhances the ambiance. Crystal, ceramics, and other glass items can be passed down as beautiful, unique decorative pieces for generations. Contact us today and let us take care of your glass items today.

Other Glass Materials We Restore & Repair

  • Porcelain
  • Ceramic
  • Stone
  • Jade
  • Ivory
  • Beveled Glass